Thursday, March 7, 2019

DC Essentials - BATGIRL!

DC Essentials - Action Figure #10 - Batgirl - DC Collectibles 2019

I don't think I will ever get enough Batgirl action figures. I feel for the longest time she was absent from the action figure world. Sure, there were some animated toys and some weird stylized ones (the Legends of the Dark Knight one was especially trippy), but I feel like the first true Batgirl action figure didn't come out until 2003 - which was long overdue. And ever since then I've been hooked. I especially long how the Burnside Batgirl revamp has given her a lot of new momentum. This DC Essentials figure is the fifth figure in this design in the past two years. And I especially love that this design features a purple and yellow color scheme so reminiscent of Yvonne Craig. Of course her current comic costume is already vastly different and I expect a few figures in that style soon. And I'm not even diving into my excitement over the DC Essentials line as a whole. I'm really impressed so far and really looking forward to the inevitable Catwoman (and wishes for Huntress, Ivy, and Batwoman). Let's check out Batgirl below!

The only thing I'm not crazy out is how her cowl covers her jaw. I've never seen something like this on Babs. I wonder if it's the contrast with her uncovered neck that makes it weird. But either way, it looks good from the front, but weird from the side and 3/4 view.

Batgirl comes with an alternate pair of gripping hands and a batarang.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are three fairly recent Batgirl figures: DC Icons, DC Essentials, and DC Multiverse.

Here she is with the DC Essentials Harley Quinn from last week. I'm impressed with the different scales. I expected these two to share identical bodies, but Batgirl is smaller in almost every sense. Despite her mature face and musculature, she is supposed to be pretty young.

I also didn't expect these DC Essentials figures to be so in-scale with the recent DC Multiverse line. Here she is with Vixen.


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  1. I've always liked Batgirl and her figures though I'm not even sure I have one at the moment - need to look. I'm not familiar with this take on her but still a cool looking figure.