Saturday, March 2, 2019

DC Essentials - HARLEY QUINN!

DC Essentials - Action Figure #13 - Harley Quinn - DC Collectibles 2019

I'm really excited for this new DC Essentials line from DC Collectibles. There have been a lot of all-encompassing toy lines developed for DC properties over the years. DC Universe Classics and the more recent (but short-lived) DC Icons line come to mind as two stand-outs. But even after only seeing one female figure from this new DC Essentials line, I already love the body structure so much more than the previous attempts. I had gotten so used to those gangly arms and gaudy joints that I was blindly accepting them instead of demanding something better. So seeing this strong, well-proportioned buck is a breath of fresh air. I'm already excited for the Batgirl, Cheetah, and Supergirl figures coming out this year, and I'm eagerly anticipating future characters like Poison Ivy and Catwoman (They seem to only be A-List heroes and villains for now). I think the quality, price point, character selection, and character design is all finally in balance and I hope this line will have years of momentum. Let's check out Harley below!

This is the first time I've seen a DC Essentials figure in person. I'm impressed with the quality of the buck and all the articulation. I have one slight criticism, and I'm actually on the fence about it: I think her head might be a size too small. I'm curious to see if it's just a matter of her having no visible hair to add some mass. Maybe the Cheetah and Wonder Woman will seem better proportioned.

I really appreciate the wacky facial expression here. The only issue is that the paint apps seem really light. In an attempt to make her look more like the image on the box, I darkened her eyeliner and made her lips a little neater. I think it added a lot.

All the pictures from this point down will have the touched-up face paint.

Harley comes with her traditional weapons: a mallet and a cork gun.

The posability is truly great. I count 24 Points of Articulation: Ball-Jointed Neck and ribcage cut, Hinge-and-Swivel Shoulders, Wrists, Hips, and Ankles, Double-Hinged Knees and Elbows, and Swivel Biceps, Thighs, and Calves.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with a collection of other Harleys. From Left to Right: DC Bombshells Harley, DC Icons Harley, DC Essentials Harley, Arkham Knight (v2) Harley, and the Multiverse Rebirth Harley.


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