Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Overwatch Ultimates - ANA (SHRIKE)!

Overwatch Ultimates: Series 01 Single-Pack Figures - Ana (Shrike) - Hasbro 2019

Of all the amazing figures in Hasbro's new Overwatch Ultimates line, I think this figure of Ana in her Shrike skin is the least impressive. While other characters are a colorful and fun blend of genres (mecha, fantasy, anime, etc), this one just looks dark and nondescript. That said, it's still a pretty cool figure. The teal, purple, and yellow details really add a lot of pop, but the overall look is still pretty shrouded and menacing. From what I can gather from my research, Ana is a character with many different skins. This Shrike skin is not her most iconic, so its inclusion left a lot of collectors flummoxed.  A cool skill I learned is that she can fire darts at her allies to heal them. Darts of healing potion is a pretty original concept for me. There was an announcement today of a GameStop 4-pack that includes (among other things) a new version of Pharah in a different skin. So I think it's possible that we might see an Ana in her classic blue-hooded look eventually. Only time will tell though. Let's check out Ana (Shrike) below!

Ana comes with a removable coat, a bandolier, a handgun, a biotic rifle (with an attachable muzzle flash), and a pair of alternate hands.

Here is a stripped down Ana without any of her accessories.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Ana with her Pack-mate, Soldier 76.

Here are all the Overwatch Ultimates ladies so far. From Left to Right: Sombra, Mercy, Tracer, Pharah, and Ana.


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