Saturday, May 25, 2019

Beast Morphers - YELLOW RANGER & ROXY!

Power Ranger Beast Morphers - Yellow Ranger & Cybervillain Roxy - Hasbro 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers is the 26th iteration of the American Power Rangers franchise, but interestingly, it is based of the 36th iteration of the Japanese Super Sentai series from back in 2012. This is the first year that the US series is using a previously-skipped chapter from the Japanese show.  The themes are a mix of animal heroes and computer virus villains. At first glance, I was unimpressed with the designs of the Rangers. The Yellow Ranger, Zoey, is an avatar of a Jackrabbit. But I personally think the costumes lack imagination, and I really dislike the "sunglasses" features on all the characters. However, as soon as I saw the main female villain, Roxy, I was hooked. Cybervillain Roxy has one of the best Sentai villain designs I've ever seen. And learning that she was the first attempt at a Yellow Ranger that was essentially corrupted by a computer virus makes me like the main Yellow Ranger a lot more. (Now I really how we get a 12" Roxy figure as well). Let's check them out below!

I'm going to start with...

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Hasbro 2019

A distinction I notice between the packaging photos and the real figure is that the distinction between the metallic yellow and gold is hard to distinguish in person. On the cardback, the color of her shins and thighs are very different, but in person they are much harder to distinguish.

I love this helmet design so much. I looks creepy and evil. I also love that she has a cape.
I can't even remember any other Sentai villains.

Roxy comes with the Cybervillain Roxy Morph-X Key which mounts on her forearm and can be used with the Beast X-Morpher (which is sold separately, and I don't believe there is any real gimmick - aside from "imagination"). The yellow part of this accessory can rotate backwards to be hidden within the housing. She also comes with two guns, black and silver. I was looking up images from the show and these two differently-colored guns seem to be her trademark weapons.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Hasbro 2019

Once I realized her theme was a Jackrabbit, I realized her helmet looks pretty silly.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are Cybervillain Roxy and Yellow Ranger together.

And here is a picture of this new Hasbro line for scale. From Left to Right:  The 2017 Movie basic Pink Ranger,  a 2015 Dino Charge Purple Ranger, the 2019 Hasbro Beast Morphers Yellow Ranger, a 2015 MMPR Movie Yellow Ranger, and a Legacy Collection Yellow Space Ranger.


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