Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Rescue Heroes - SKY JUSTICE!

Rescue Heroes - Series 01 - Sky Justice & Hover Pack - Mattel/Fisher-Price 2019

When I started really getting into collecting Imaginext figures back in 2012, I was mostly excited about their DC Super Friends characters. But after a while I started diving deep into the history of Fisher-Price "adventure" toys and I discovered Rescue Heroes. These were larger scale figures (roughly 5-6" tall) featuring characters from various heroic professions: Fire fighters, police officers, lifeguards, etc. The line ran from 1998-2004 and had a ton of figures - including at least 19 females! But before you get excited, there were only three unique female characters, just with a zillion redecos. These figures themselves didn't really appeal to me, but I instantly had dreams of them being included in the smaller Imaginext line. Then in 2014, my dreams came true and handful of Imaginext Rescue Heroes were released (but it didn't last). Then there was nothing until this year's Toy Fair when Fisher-Price unveiled a whole new Rescue Heroes line in the original scale but with the Imaginext Aesthetic. Let's check out Sky Justice!

There's a very good chance that these are Walmart Exclusives (That's where I got them), but I'm having trouble proving that.

These figures all have a protrusion on their back that anchor them into their "vehicles" (which appear to all be glorified backpacks). All the figures can wear each others accessories.

These figures measure 6" tall and appear like giant Imaginext. Their shoulders are only hinge cuts, but they have independently moving legs and elbow hinges. Wrist and head articulation is the same as Imaginext. Also, these figures are awkwardly heavy. I feel like there must be metal inside of them because they have some serious heft. Perhaps that's intentional to balance the giant backpacks.

Sky Justice is an Aerial Police Officer. She comes with a big hoverpack, a shield-launching accessory, and a helmet. The hoverpack has a grappling claw on a string that can be reeled in and out.  There is a button on the back that will spin the rotors.

These screengrabs from the YouTube cartoon show Sky's skin as much darker than the toy. This aligns with her bio birthplace of Nigeria. It's a shame the toy isn't more accurate.

Here are a couple versions of the aeronautical character from the original Rescue Heroes (1999-2004), Ariel Flyer.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the two female (New) Rescue Heroes so far: Sky Justice and Sandy O'Shin.

And here they are with the Rescue Heroes Wendy Waters Imaginext figure.

And here they are with the only "Rescue Heroes"-type figure I own, Venus Dazzle from Planet Heroes (a 2006 spinoff of the original Rescue Heroes).


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