Monday, May 27, 2019

Marvel Legends - MICHELLE "MJ" JONES!

Marvel Legends - Spider-Man: FFH - Spider-Man & MJ Target Exc - Hasbro 2019

I don't usually collect action figures of civilian characters. Hell, I even hesitate when buying Black Widow figures because her outfits are usually so non-descript (aka boring). I want outlandish colorful spandex, ideally with capes and masks. But sometimes the execution of a figure is so nice that I gleefully push aside my snobbery and take my prize to the registers. In the Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home movies, the traditional role of Mary Jane "MJ" Watson is replaced with Michelle "MJ" Jones played by Zendaya. I liked the character and the actress in the first movie quite a bit, but she wouldn't have been on my list for a must-have Marvel Legends figure. However, once I saw her in person she was extremely hard to pass up. This is 100% due to the amazing face scans. Hasbro used an earlier incarnation of the technology for G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra products in 2009 with frightening results. The improvements are simply amazing (with the exception of the bafflingly bad Captain Marvel). Let's check MJ out!

Hasbro loves reusing parts. And this oversized hand has plagued me for years. If they would just scale it down a tiny bit (or shorten the fingers) it would look normal. Luckily she comes with two alternate hands that you'll see below.

MJ comes with extra hands...whew. The non-splayed ones look much more in-scale.

MJ comes with two heads, and they are both fantastic. They have different hairstyles and different facial expressions, and both are perfect likenesses of Zendaya.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is MJ with her pack-mate, Spider-Man (in his yellow coat).

Here is Michelle Jones MJ with Mary Jane Watson MJ.

And here is MJ's second head on the Jessica Jones body just for kicks.  With a little adjustment of the skin tone on the neck, this could be a decent way to display her second head. The ball-post on the Jessica Jones neck is a tiny bit smaller than the MJ ball, so the head fits loose.



  1. I love action figures of civillians and have found that the Jessica Jones/Elektra body is a pretty versatile one. I love how MJ's jacket look and the likeness to Zendaya is perfect. With regards to the oversized hands, I feel like Hasbro should've used the hands that came with Jessica Jones (the one with the sleeveless arms from the Netflix Defenders multi-pack). They're fists, but they'd probably be more in scale with the figure.

  2. Does anyone know who may sell casts of these heads?