Thursday, June 20, 2019

DC Universe Classics - MARY MARVEL!

DC Universe Classics - Wave 12 - Mary Marvel (Red Costume) - Mattel 2010

Mattel's DC Universe Classics (and its immediate predecessor DC Super-Heroes) was a game-changing line for DC fans. We finally had a product with the same far-reaching potential as Marvel Legends. And over its four-year run we saw dedication to obscure factions like the Metal Men, Doom Patrol, and New Gods. Not to mention an amazing homage to the vintage Super Powers toyline. The series brought me so much joy. However, it was not without its flaws. Specifically, the female buck was very oddly proportioned. The arms were always awkwardly short and thin. The faces always seemed to get flattened in the production process. The feet often seemed over-sized. And the shoulder, hip, and abdominal joints always looked too exposed. Despite having every single female DCUC figure in my collection, I have keep few on display. I count 37 female figures, but I only keep 8 of them out. But looking at them now with fresh eyes I definitely think several more will be gracing my shelves.. including this Mary Marvel.

This really is a great looking figure. Smiling faces tend to look frightening in toy form, but this is actually quite good. Her arms and legs still suffer from the DCUC spindly-limb problem unfortunately.

Like a lot of Mary Marvel figures, this version also was produced with a white costumed variant.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Mary Marvels all together. From Left to Right: DC Universe Classics (2010), Mattel Movie Basic Series (2019), DC Direct (2007), Justice League Unlimited (2006).


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  1. Definitely a nice smile and definitely small arms and legs. Still a very nice figure. Good post.