Sunday, August 25, 2019

DC Multiverse - STARFIRE!

DC Comics Multiverse: Batman Ninja Collect-n-Connect - Starfire - Mattel 2019

I've really been liking all the modern redesigns of Starfire. I know her New52 look got a lot of flak for being too provocative (and her having a sexually disassociative personality), but I liked it. I thought it was an appropriate adaption of the character, considering she was historically always making awkward sexual advances and basically wearing suspenders as an outfit. She's had two noticeable design changes since then. One was her solo series redesign by Amanda Conner, and the Rebirth design seen with this new DC Multiverse figure. I like that she always has the same consistent color palette with orange skin, reddish hair, and a purple and silver outfit. Starfire is one of those characters that will always be provocative, no matter how much flesh is being bared. So taking that into consideration, I actually much prefer the more covered version that we see here over her signature strappy getups. I'm glad we got a figure of her in this version since I'm sure it was change again soon. Let's check her out below!

Starfire comes with two green energy pieces. She often displays green powers in the comics, but these particular ones seem to have a very specific (almost "throwing star") shape. I'm not sure what exactly they are referencing.

Starfire comes with the Cape and Head of the Batman Ninja Collect-n-Connect figure.

I bought two Starfires and they both had kind of matching paint issues where the silver details of her costume didn't line up or were splotchy.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

From Left to Right: New52 Starfire, Multiverse Starfire, DCUC Starfire.

Here she is with another recent Multiverse lady, Katana.


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  1. I feel like they've never quite been successful with a spot on Starfire figure. This one is the closest yet, but her hair still ends up just looking strange.