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Transformers: Unite Warriors - Megatronia Gift Set - TakaraTomy Mall Exc 2017

Assigning gender to robots is always a tricky business. I personally find myself drawn to characters with a typically feminine (aka hourglass) silhouette and a face with some feminine characteristics. However I cringe when those same features are exaggerated and we see gigantic metal breasts and pouty lips. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the stocky (and dare I say, masculine) characters like Strika, Manta Ray, and Override. I always have a lot of issues with these characters too. But it's not because I think femininity has to be confined to a certain aesthetic, but rather that my pessimistic side assumes the toy-makers were lazy and just wanted to re-use male parts. This brings us to the legs of the Megatronia combiner: Trickdiamond and Flowspade. I love one, and I hate one.  They both have short stocky bodies (that are indeed re-used male bucks), but Trickdiamond also has a great face and cool color scheme. Flowspade has an unexpressive ninja head and a stereotypically pink color scheme.

So I just realized that all the four members of Megaempress' guard are named after suits of cards: Moonheart, Lunaclub, Trickdiamond, and Flowspade. The theme doesn't carry into the designs or combiner mode at all, it's just a curious choice.


I'm honestly surprised at how much I like this figure. She reminds me of an evil female Bumblebee.

Trickdiamond's weapon is the Quake Shield which can create earthquakes.

Here is a stock image of Jumpstream from the Victorion gift set.


This figure is my absolute least favorite of the bunch. Her Nightbird-esque head and stocky male body cause her to stand out among the gift set characters a little too much for my tastes.

Flowspade's weapon is a Tornado Cutter, which is a throwing star that can create cyclones.

Here is a stock image of Dust Up from the Victorion gift set.

And here is the combiner Megatronia with Trickdiamond and Flowspade as the legs.

Time for some Group Pics!

Here are  Trickdiamond and Flowspade together.

And the whole Megatronia gift set gang together: Trickdiamond, Lunaclub, Megaempress, Moonheart, and Flowspade


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