Thursday, August 29, 2019

Marvel Select - PSYLOCKE!

Marvel Select - X-Men: Psylocke (90s Jim Lee Version) - Diamond Select Toys 2019

I've always loved Betsy Braddock. There was something about her early appearances that really appealed to me. The lavender-haired, pink-garbed psychic never really got her proper dues. However, the Jim Lee / Chris Claremont run on X-Men in the early nineties changed her look (race), attitude, and costume and suddenly she became one of the most popular mutants out there. I was happy to see her finally get that well-deserved recognition, but it was a bit of a bummer that she had to transform so much to get there. But in the past few years her character has been reverting to her pre-ninja past in the comics. And in October I believe she is reclaiming the mantle of Captain Britain in the new Excalibur title. I do really love the 90's ninja look and all the toys we get of her, but for a character that has had many different looks over the years, I want some of that variety reflected in plastic. My fingers are crossed for a good retro figure. In the meantime, I think this Marvel Select Psylocke is the best so far. Let's check her out!

Psylocke comes with a lot of accessories: two heads, four sets of hands, one extra hand with a psychic dagger, a psychic butterfly mask, a samurai sword with a yellow scabbard, and a yellow pouchy belt.

I'm really not a fan of all the yellow accessories. I feel like they distract from the classic look of the figure too much. The belt was really hard to remove (I had to pop off her leg).

Both faces are great, but I love the angry face with the dynamic hair. It's the epitome of 90's gritted teeth, furled eyebrow, mysterious wind trope.

The butterfly mask is a very necessary accessory for Psylocke, but it rarely fits right or photographs well, and this one is no exception.

Like all the Marvel Select X-Men figures, Psylocke comes with pieces for a giant Danger Room diorama. I would love to have room to build something like that.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Psylocke with her recent Marvel Legends version.

Here she is with the recent Marvel Select Rogue.

And she may not be from the same era, but I couldn't resist throwing Storm into the mix.



  1. Good looking figure and nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Haven't purchased many Marvel Selects, this is a nice figure. And along with Rogue, fantastic. I do have the original Storm. The only "6 inch" figure made in her original costume.