Saturday, August 31, 2019

Miraculous Ladybug - PUPPETEER!

Miraculous Ladybug Action Figures: Wave 03 - Puppeteer - Bandai 2018

I think it's super great when an obscure character is given the full action figure treatment. The Miraculous toy line from Bandai is full of fun, colorful, female-centric characters and is really unlike anything else on the market right now (it was similar to DC Superhero Girls, Mysticons, and WWE Superstars, but it appears all those other lines have failed). Miraculous has all but disappeared from US toy shelves, but there has been a steady flow of new releases in Europe (it's a French cartoon). I believe the Puppeteer only appeared in a single episode of the show as a child that Marinette was babysitting who gained powers and became the tantrum-driven villain for an episode. The fact that this character warranted an action figure speaks highly to the potential of this line. It's a pet peeve of mine when we just get endless redecos of the same main characters over and over. And while we still see some variation of Ladybug in each wave, the B and C-list characters are endlessly present. Let's check out Puppeteer below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with Volpina and Queen Bee just for kicks.

From Left to Right: Stormy Weather, Mister Bug, Anti-Bug, Volpina, Ladybug, Queen Bee, Lady Wi-Fi, Lady Noire, Puppeteer, and Cat Noire.


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  1. Love the Miraculous line. Still haven't seen the show but cool characters. Can only find them in a local comic shop. Are you finding these at retail still?