Monday, August 19, 2019

Transformers - MEGAEMPRESS!

Transformers: Unite Warriors - Megatronia Gift Set - TakaraTomy Mall Exc 2017

I just learned about this character so bear with me while I excitedly rant. Megaempress was made from Megatron's spare parts and became his love interest (think of a dysfunctional Optimus and Elita). She has the ability to manipulate and control male Transformers and is viewed as dangerous and untrustworthy by her fellow Decepticons. They even overtook her and put her in stasis for many years. When she was revived, Megatron had been reincarnated as Galvatron and she immediately began plotting her way into his regime. Also, she once had her sights set on Optimus Prime, but he was able to resist her powers by focusing on his connection to Elita One (awww). This toy is fantastic and makes the high purchase price of the Megatronia set worth it. She is a straight-up repaint of Pyra Magna from the Victorion set, which in turn is a retool of Hot Spot. But her coloring and backstory make her infinitely more interesting than Pyra Magna (imho). Plus, female Decepticons are severely lacking.

One thing that bothers me about this character is her name. Her name is Megaempress and her combiner form is called Megatronia. I really feel like TakaraTomy got the two names mixed up. The combiner form doesn't have any visual ties to Megatron, and the name Megaempress just sounds like a big combiner name.

Megaempress' vehicle mode is a firetruck. It's not the most commanding of vehicles, but the robot mode is amazing so I don't mind. Also, the combiner head of Megatronia is unceremoniously stored in the bucket of the ladder.

It should be noted that all the previous incarnations of this mold have had errors in the way their knees were assembled, this Megaempress is the first time the mistake was corrected.

Megaempress' weapon is her large Judge Pickel axe.

Here is a stock photo of Pyra Magna, of whom Megaempress is a mere repaint. But despite being a second generation re-use of a mold, I much prefer the later Decepticon redeco.

The Japanese illustrations always manage to make the female characters look so tarty.

Here is a pic of the Megatronia Combiner. I plan to do a separate review of the combiner form soon.

Time for Some Group Pics!

Here is the entire gift set together. Megaempress and her loyal army: Trickdiamond, Lunaclub, Moonheart, and Flowspade.


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