Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Transformers - MOONHEART & LUNACLUB!

Transformers: Unite Warriors - Megatronia Gift Set - TakaraTomy Mall Exc 2017

Every good military unit needs great soldiers. And with Megaempress' army, her Copter Twins (Moonheart and Lunaclub) are her first line of defense. Megaempress actually created the pair herself, so they are her most trusted protectors and always loyal to their creator. Moonheart has power over water and uses Blizzard Blade sword to freeze her enemies, while her sister Lunaclub has similar powers over fire and uses her Flame Sword to wreak destruction. The twins are repaints of Skyburst and Stormclash from the Victorion gift set a year earlier (who are both just a slight retool of Alpha Bravo). But again, there's something about these Megatronia re-decos that just really pops. It also doesn't hurt that this gift set gave us five female Decepticons and none of them are purple (let that sink in for a moment). An amusing thing I've noticed is that the Victorion (Autobot) figures have angrier looking faces that the Megatronia (Decepticon) ones. It's the paint around the eyes. Let's check out the Copter Twins below!


Moonheart is my second favorite figure from the Megatronia set. 
Her facesculpt and blue coloring are just really appealing to me.

This figure uses a buck that was intended to be male originally. While I don't think the pelvis area was meant to look like a phallic bulge, it kind of does when you're trying to view a sexless robot as female. I have a theory about a quick fix for this issue. The blue crotch-piece can be rotated around 180 degrees, and the back side is much less prominent. However, the legs will then be backwards. My theory is the legs can be popped off the ball joint at the hips and swapped. I'm going to try this next time I have her in robot form (she's in combiner mode now until I get a change to photograph Lancer and compare the two Combiners).

The Blizzard Blade and Flame Sword are mirror images of each other and are essentially interchangeable between the Copter Twins.

Here is a stock image of Skyburst from the Victorion set.


Here is a stock image of Stormclash from the Victorion set.

Here is an image of the combiner Megatronia with Moonheart and Lunaclub as the arms. I plan to post a separate review of the combiner mode.

Time for some Group Pics

Here are the Copter Twins together.

And with Megaempress.

And the whole Megatronia gift set gang together: Trickdiamond, Lunaclub, Megaempress, Moonheart, and Flowspade


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