Friday, August 9, 2019

Transformers Warrior Class - SLIPSTREAM!

Transformers: Cyberverse - Warrior Class Target Exc - Slipstream - Hasbro 2019

I think I could go out on a limb and say that Slipstream is my favorite female Decepticon. Blackarachnia and Airachnid are cool and all, but I'm a bit of a Transformers purist and I like my alternate modes to be vehicles and not oversized robotic animals. The organic nature of the animal modes also makes their robot forms look very aesthetically different that other characters. All the other robots have hard edges and a mechanical functionality that I find very appealing. But the beast-based characters, although cool, look more like alien androids than robots. I only discovered Slipstream when I picked up her Kre-O figure about 5 years ago. Slipstream is a female clone of Starscream introduced during Transformers: Animated. Because she is a clone, her merchandise is often just a repainted Starscream (despite her looking distinctly feminine in the cartoons). But luckily this Warrior Class Starscream buck is very gender-neutral so I don't mind the laziness. Let's check out Slipstream below!

Take note that this figure is part of the new "Power of the Spark" Cyberverse sub-line.

There is something very annoying about the robot mode of this figure. Her action feature "Sonic Swirl" is basically a waist swivel with a spring action. This makes her floppy and really hard to pose. Her torso *kind of* clicks into place and stays facing forward for a few pictures, but then randomly swivels off center. And when the weight of her wings shifts, she topples right over. Action features always annoy me.

As mentioned above, Slipstream is just a repaint of the Warrior Class Starscream mold. This same mold has already been used on Thundercracker and Acid Storm (Acid Storm is coincidentally a gender-neutral character who is voiced by a woman, has been animated with both male and female faces, and is mentioned by both genders on various packaging copy. I didn't know this until researching this post. I'll have to pick them up now).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Slipstream with her 2015 Transformers Legends figure.

And here she is with the only other Warrior Class female so far, Windblade.

And with the Ultra Class Slipstream. (I skipped the Scout Class Slipstream because that particular Starscream mold looked brutishly male and the simple redeco seemed lazy).

And all of my Cyberverse Ladies so far: Scout Class Windblade, Ultra Class Shadow Striker, Warrior Class Slipstream, Warrior Class Windblade, Ultra Class Slipstream, and Scout Class Shadow Striker.


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