Saturday, September 28, 2019

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance - DEET & AUGRHA!

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance - Action Figures Series 01 - Funko 2019

Few things in pop culture get me quite as excited as The Dark Crystal. Back in 2016 when Funko released a slew of retail products and exclusives, I was in collector heaven. I never expected this iconic movie from my youth to get this kind of love from a modern toy company, and I couldn't have asked for more. But then the Netflix prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance was announced, along with even more action figures and Pops, and suddenly I realized my well-of-want could go a lot deeper. This first assortment of action figures is amazing, but the show was so vast that I want several more waves of toys at the very least. Hell, only two of the three main heroes are included, so at the bare minimum we need a Brea from the the Vapra Clan. But of course my actual (impossible) wishlist is dozens of characters long. Plus if we get another season, I will be completely insatiable. I can't wait to see what comes down the line in the next few years. Let's check out Aughra, Deet, and the rest of Wave One below!

Adventurous and daring young Gelfling from the subterranean Grottan Clan.
Voice: Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei from Game of Thrones)
Puppeteer: Beccy Henderson & Katherine Smee

Deet was my absolute favorite character from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Her puppeteer and voice actors created such a rich and lovable character. She is from the subterranean Grottan Clan who are notable for paler skin (which can glow depending on their diet), big ears, white hair, and wide pupils.

These figures have a greater level of sculptural detail than the 2016 series. The also have added elbow and knee joints.

Deet's only accessories are her wings. They are made of a seemingly delicate, rigid plastic.

Here is Deet with the Winged Kira from 2016.
I've read descriptions about how the seven Gelfling clans each have different wings. For instance the Vapra Clan has beautiful gossamer wings and the Drenchen Clan has wings more like fins adapted to swimming.

And here she is with her Funko Pop. 
This is the FYE Exclusive Pop with glow-in-the-dark paint and outstretched (but tiny) wings.

Ancient, mysterious, and tempestuous embodiment of Thra
Voice: Donna Kimball
Puppeteer: Kevin Clash & Katherine Smee

Aughra comes with her walking stick and a removable cloak.

Here is Aughra with her 2016 version. It's interesting how great they both look but how different their proportions are. I think I prefer the new one. The concept sketches for the original movie showed Aughra in the gold and brown outfit that she wears in this new series. It was a great little Easter egg for fans. But the unexpected treat was to see the actual origin of the red and black outfit from the movie. It's one of my favorite parts of the whole series.

I noticed that Aughra has little bare feet embossed onto her base. You can tell Funko had a blast with this line.

Here she is with her Funko Pop.

So I couldn't resist photographing all the boys in this series, too. enjoy.

Brave and loyal castle guard from the Stonewood Clan
Voice: Taron Egerton
Puppeteer: Neil Sterenberg

Here is Rian with the 2016 Jen figure.

And with his Funko Pop

An adventurous Podling who dreams of being a Paladin
Voice: Victor Yerrid 
Puppeteer: Victor Yerrid & Katherine Smee

I think Hup is the most lovable character in the show. The introductory scene of him fussing with his hair is unlike anything you would expect to see a character doing in the Dark Crystal universe, and it's utterly charming.

"Hup... Spoon!"

The Hunter
The bloodthirsty and virtually unstoppable Skeksis, skekMal
Voice: Ralph Ineson
Puppeteer: Kevin Clash & Nick Kellington

The Hunter is notable for being very fast and ruthless. Also, while the other Skeksis have a dormant pair of vestigial arms sticking up from their shoulders, skekMal has retained full use of his secondary arms.

skekMal comes with four blades and his trademark skull mask.

Here is The Hunter with the 2016 The Chamberlain figure. It's a shame that the new Skeksis is so much larger than the original. His head is nearly triple the size (and the skull mask makes it look even bigger).

And here he is with his Funko Pop. This makes me wish the action figure featured his broken mask instead of the full one. It looks much more dynamic and interesting.

Silk Spitter
Silk Spitters are one of the three castes of Arathim (along with Poison Spitters and Threaders), a species of sentient spiders that function with a hive mind known as the Ascendancy
I couldn't find any credits given for voice or puppeteer work for the Arathim. They are possibly CGI and voiced under the "additional voices" credits.

I didn't take full turnaround pictures of the Silk Spitter. It is very well articulated at the legs and neck and can be posed in quite a few diverse positions.

Here it is with the Garthim figure from 2016.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the Age of Resistance crew all together.

Here are the three main heroes of this first wave: Hup, Deet, and Rian.

And with the wise Aughra for good measure.

And here are all the Dark Crystal Funko action figures so far. It's an impressive group.



  1. Need to get these and finish my Dark Crystal set. Also need to watch the series.

  2. I should really get this set, the prequel series has been absolutely wonderful.