Sunday, January 1, 2017

Funko ReAction - The Dark Crystal AUGHRA & KIRA!

ReAction: The Dark Crystal - Aughra and Kira (Retail) - Super7/Funko 2016

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I had a very busy and festive Christmas/New Year's season including two separate houseguests staying with me and filling the whole time in-between. One thing I did manage to achieve in that time though was getting my toy room completely in order before a home reappraisal inspection a few days ago. It feels really good to be so organized. But now I have a lot of backed-up posts to write. I probably won't get to to my 2016 year-end review for months at this rate! This retail wave of Funko's Dark Crystal ReAction series is perfect. They are pretty much the exact toys I've been fantasizing about for decades. I really hope that Super7 continues this momentum with the Henson brands. I would love some podlings, urSkeks, more Mystics and Skeksis, and of course a Build-a-Figure Orrery. There is almost endless potential. But in the meantime, this current roster is extremely satisfying. Let's check out Kira, Aughra, and all the rest of the inhabitants of Thra below!

If you look closely, you can see that the bubble on Aughra's cardback is detached. Most of the Aughras and Chamberlains had weak glue that caused the bubbles to come loose in shipment. I feel bad for the MOC collectors out there, because this packaging is beautiful. Hopefully a good glue stick can do the trick.

Aughra comes with her small triangle accessory representing the great conjunction. 
I think it has a technical name but I can't recall it offhand.

Here is Aughra with her Funko POP and the Plan B Bust from 2003.

Here is Kira with the NYCC Winged version, The hairpiece on the NYCC version is slightly different - mostly in the back to accommodate her wings, but it also appears that her hair on top is taller that the regular release. They both look great in my opinion.  Also, the eyes are painted slightly different which adds a subtle variation.

Each of the figures in the retail release of this series comes with a piece of the Dark Crystal itself (and Jen comes with the stone base and the crystal shard).

I just wanted to take a moment and compare the two Jen figures in this series so far. On the Left is the SDCC version that came the Landstrider. He has a flute accessory, a distinctive blue wash on the top of his head, a taller hairpiece, and legs and lower torso that are wider and more "straddled" so he can mount the landstrider. Also, like the two Kiras, his eyes are painted slightly different which creates a totally different facial expression.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the whole retail set. These are such amazing toys.

And with the SDCC and NYCC sets added in.

And although I didn't review them separately, here are the equally fantastic Funko POP! figures.


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