Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Batman vs TMNT - BATGIRL!

Batman vs TMNT - Batgirl & Donatello - Gamestop Exc - DC Collectibles 2019

Who would have expected that (1) there would be an animated Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, that (2) the movie would inspire a collector-grade toyline, and (3) that Batgirl would be included in the lineup?? I feel like this Batgirl figure has a very unlikely existence, but I'm so glad the stars aligned because she is such a great addition to my collection. A lot of recent animated DC movies have had styles that were a bit too cartoony, but this one leans a lot more toward comic styling. Plus the majority of Batgirl's Burnside comics were drawn in a more animated style, so this figure ends up being a surprisingly versatile design. (PS, she's voiced by Rachel Bloom). I haven't seen the movie, but I see from screengrabs and imdb that Poison Ivy and Harley also have roles.  I know it's impossible, but I would love to see them in this style as well, especially Ivy as she suffers from way too many cancelled or lackluster figures. Maybe GameStop and DC Collectibles will surprise us. Let's check out Batgirl below!

Here is Batgirl with all her accessories. she comes with two extra sets of hands, a slice of pizza, a cellphone, a syringe, a vial, a batarang, and a grappling hook gun with two different grappling hook inserts

Here is Donatello with all his accessories.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Batgirl with her packmate, Donatello.

A collection of my Burnside Batgirls. From Left to Right: DC Icons, Batman Missions, Batman vs TMNT, DC Essentials, and DC Multiverse.


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