Sunday, December 8, 2019

Masters of the Universe Vintage - SHADOW WEAVER!

Masters of the Universe Vintage Wave 4 - Shadow Weaver - Super7 2019

Shadow Weaver is one of the most iconic vampy women from my childhood. Her shadowed face and raspy voice actually made her one of the scariest characters in the (expanded) MOTU world. All the other bad guys got silly very quickly and devolved into outright buffoonery, but Shadow Weaver was always sinister. Of all the characters from the Filmation series, it was always a shock that Shadow Weaver never got an action figure made. She appeared in a whopping 52 episodes, while "main" characters like Mermista, Frosta, and Queen Angella were only in a handful. But somehow we haven't seen a vintage-style figure until now. Although when I imagine what a vintage POP Shadow Weaver would look like, I cringe. She would probably be pink and glittery with sparkly gemstones and gauzy fabric. So I'm actually glad it took so long. It's a shame this wave appears to be the last of the Super7 vintage line, because there are so many more characters deserving of this treatment. Let's check out Weaver below!

Shadow Weaver comes with a hovering-effect figure stand and two magic wands.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the Super7 Vintage ladies together: She-Ra, Evil-Lyn, Teela, and Shadow Weaver. (Not shown is the Frozen Teela variant).

Here are the Super7 Vintage POP ladies side-by-side: She-Ra and Shadow Weaver.

Here are my three Shadow Weavers together: ReAction, Vintage, and Classics.


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