Thursday, January 16, 2020

Funko Savage World - CHEETARA!

Savage World Action Figures: ThunderCats - Wave 2  - Cheetara - Funko 2019

One of my very favorite toy collecting trends in the last decade has been the re-introduction of "vintage style" action figures. The first to come along was Gentle Giant Jumbo figures in 2011 featuring 12" upscaled vintage Star Wars figures, then the ReAction figures from Super7 back in 2014 which re-imagines modern properties in a classic Kenner 3.75" style. The 2015 Micro G.I.Joes offered a brief tease. And most recently Funko and Super7 have established their Vintage and Savage World lines which give new life to the vintage He-Man aesthetic. My most wanted Savage World figure from the beginning was Cheetara. As one of the major icons from 80s cartoons, she doesn't get nearly enough merchandise. While this figure has some problems, she still brings me an intense amount of joy. I don't even know if any more of these figures are on the horizon. The Bride of Frankenstein and mystery woman in the Conan line haven't been mentioned in years, but I have hopes! Let's check out Cheetara.

I love this figure, I really do. But something about her face just looks dead. I'm going to attempt a slight repaint (she's even missing those iconic black teardrop marks!) I'm thinking I might even break canon and add eyebrows just to see if it gives her some personality.

Another flaw is the neck line with orange plastic showing through, it looks kind of morbid.

In profile her face looks absolutely terrific. I just wish she had that same impact from the front.

Her bo staff is with make form real wood or really dense plastic. There no way this thing is going to warp (like every Cheetara staff I've ever personally owned).

I always like to include some reference pictures in these reviews and I was shocked to find how few screengrabs of Cheetara from the cartoon there are. So here is the results of me getting totally distracted and making a bunch of my own images (it was actually a lot of fun). Enjoy!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Cheetara with her vintage 1986 counterpart.

And here she is with two other Savage World ladies: Kitana and Chun-Li.
(Totally forgot to include Primal Age Wonder Woman!)

And with two other recent vintage-style figures: Teela and Evil-Lyn from Super 7.



  1. Just by looking at her face it gave me depression. What were they thinking?!

    1. Haha I know she looks so depleted. All that running takes a toll. But in profile she looks great! If a ever see her on the shelves again I will buy a second one and repaint her eyes.