Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Marvel Legends - WHITE RABBIT!

Spider-Man Legends - (Demogoblin BaF Wave) - White Rabbit - Hasbro 2019

There's something about Alice in Wonderland that has inspired a ton of comic book villains. The interesting thing is that ones from DC tend to be more threatening like Alice from Batwoman, Cheshire from Teen Titans, and Mad Hatter and Tweedledee & Tweedledum from Batman. On the flipside, Marvel likes to steer their Alice-themed characters toward the absurd. The Crazy Gang, Walrus, and White Rabbit are all silly. They are inept at their schemes and usually seem nothing more than comic relief distractions wedged in between more serious adventures. But that doesn't stop me from loving them. White Rabbit is especially nostalgic for me. One early morning when I was young I was delivering newspapers on my paper route and one of my houses was setting up a yard sale. They had a stack of comics on their porch and they gave me Marvel Team-Up #131 which was the first appearance of the White Rabbit. It was actually my first superhero comic (G.I.Joe comics were my jam) and I treasured it for years.

I don't think anyone expected we would see a Marvel Legends figure of White Rabbit (or that it would look this good!)

Lorina Dodson was a young girl from a wealthy family who was forced into an arranged marriage with an 82-year-old society man. She resented this treatment and killed him. No one ever suspected the innocent young bride, and she was thrilled at literally getting away with murder. She used her newly-inherited wealth to develop quirky weapons and the alter-ego of White Rabbit, themed off of her favorite book, Alice in Wonderland.

White Rabbit comes with her iconic pink umbrella gun and a detachable firing effect.
(I'm pretty sure it originally fired exploding carrots or something).

White Rabbit comes with a Goblin Glider and Flight Stand from the Demogoblin Build-a-Figure.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Can her feet fit into Demogoblin's glider?

    1. Sorry for the delay. I just checked and yes, her feet can fit securely into the glider. They probably aren't as snug as some other characters, but it's a secure hold around the toe and heel of each boot.

  2. Cool figure. Glad I found one as well. Great review.

  3. Always love your reviews - has her head sculpt been used previously for an earlier Marvel Legends figure? I feel like it might have, but I cannot place it.