Monday, January 13, 2020

Marvel Legends - HULK!

Fantastic Four Legends - (Super Skrull BaF) - Jennifer Walters Hulk - Hasbro 2020

I love She-Hulk. There's something special about the quick burst of female Marvel characters in the late 70s. Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, and She-Hulk were simple female rebrandings of established male characters created in a desperate attempt to secure copyrights (After Filmation's Web Woman fiasco). But the characters quickly became something very special. Having the same power sets, with similar origins, and similar environments created an unintentional social experiment on gender. It was like a long-format What If story, and it became the basis for a lot of my aesthetic and collecting obsessions. She-Hulk has gone through a ton of transformations over the years. Not all of them were to my liking, but others were amazing. For some reason I never questioned why she never had a "gray" transformation before, but I'm glad it finally happened (in 2017) because I think she looks amazing. Plus this buck will also be perfect for a new classic green She-Hulk (which has to be coming). Let's check out Hulk below!

My box happened to be a bit crushed. I think it's pretty appropriate for the character though.

I actually haven't read any of the Hulk storyline that began in 2017, but I've heard that it's very very good. I know the basic premise is that Bruce has died, and Jennifer has been depowered, but then she starts turning into a gray Hulk where, unlike Bruce's gray transformation, she has less control over herself and is full of rage.

Hulk comes with an alternate pair of open hands.

I love when one of these action figure variant covers comes true!

She-Hulk comes with two Right Arm pieces for the Super Skrull Build-a-figure: one Regular and one that has absorbed Reed and Sue's powers.

Time for some group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all my Marvel Legends Jennifer Walters Legends figures together: 2007 SDCC Fantastic Four, Marvel Legends 2007, Marvel Legends 2020, A-Force Box Set 2017, and Marvel Legends 2008.


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