Saturday, January 11, 2020

McFarlane Toys - HARLEY QUINN!

DC Multiverse - Series 01 - Classic Harley Quinn - McFarlane Toys 2020

I was really upset and nervous last year when the news came out that Mattel had lost the DC Comics license. In the past few years especially, Mattel had produced some of my very favorite DC Figures (Batwoman, Spoiler, and Burnside Batgirl to name a few). Meanwhile McFarlane Toys, the new licensee of the DC collectible lines, was hit-or-miss for years. I've collected McFarlane lines that abruptly ended, that fizzled out too fast, that had odd character selection, and some that had very inconsistent paint apps. But when the first waves of figures were revealed right after the new year, I suddenly had faith that the DC license will be handled well. The first female released is this "Harley Quinn Classic" which is a great figure seemingly inspired by BTAS, TNBA, and early comics. I didn't love her face design before I owned her, but in person her expressiveness shines through. Her articulation and scale is unlike anything else in my collection and I'm excited to see what's next. Let's check out Harley below!

Harley has really great articulation. Here's a breakdown:
Ball-Jointed Neck
Ball-Jointed Ribcage Cut
Ball-Jointed Waist Cut
Hinge-and-Swivel Hips
Double-Jointed Knees
Hinge-and-Swivel Ball Ankles
Hinge Toes
Hinge-and-Swivel Shoulders
Shoulder Shrugs
Bicep Swivels
Double-Jointed Elbows
Hinge-and-Swivel Wrists
I count 25 Points of Articulation overall.
Some things to note are that a lot of the joints move in "clicks", not the smooth rubbery friction we see with brands like Marvel Legends. Also, Harley's waist joint keeps popping apart on me. The ball inside is covered with little bumpy nubs. I've never seen anything like it.

Harley comes with her signature mallet, a classic gag gun, and a figure stand.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Harley with her two semi-recent DC Collectibles figures: BTAS on the Left and TNBA on the Right.

And with the DC Essentials figure. I'm surprised she's so much bigger than the DCE one.

And with two very recent Hasbro Marvel Legends figure: White Rabbit and She-Hulk.



  1. Great review. I'm excited to see what McFarlane can do with DC figures and it looks like they are in good hands. Fun review. Thanks.

  2. The changing scales between collector-aimed DC figures is so frustrating, from DC Collectibles' Icons to Essentials, Mattel's DCUC to DC Multiverse, and now to McFarlane's DC Multiverse.