Friday, April 24, 2020

Titan Hero Series - BLACK WIDOW (Movie)!

Marvel Titan Hero Series - Blast Gear - Black Widow (Winter Stealth) - Hasbro 2020

I find it pretty surprising that we haven't seen a black-costumed MCU Black Widow in the Marvel Titan Hero Series line yet. Several years ago they released repaints of the comic versions of Black Widow and Gamora with slightly darker colors that were intended to be MCU stand-ins, but I don't count those. So far we've only seen the green vest version from Avengers Infinity War, the space suit version from Avengers Endgame, and now this winter stealth version from the Black Widow movie. I figure we'll eventually see a classic black-costume release, but hopefully it will be sooner than later since I have a hunch Scarlet Johannson will be handing over the mantle soon. Who knows, we may even see a simple repaint of this figure in time for the rescheduled theatrical release in November. I'll just add that to my long wishlist for the Titan line. Gamora and Nebula (in a standard outfit) are the most glaring MCU absences, and I wouldn't say no to a Mantis. But I know a new Natasha is way more likely. Let's check her out!

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here are the three main MCU Titan Widows together: Endgame, Black Widow Movie, and Infinity War.

And here she is with the comic version from 2016.

And here is an assortment of the MCU ladies so far. From Left to Right: Valkyrie, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Wasp, and Scarlet Witch.


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