Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Black Widow Movie - BLACK WIDOW!

Marvel Legends - Crimson Dynamo Wave - Black Widow (Movie) - Hasbro 2020

One of these years I swear I am going to stop buying Black Widow action figures. My regular readers will know I am mainly drawn to superheroes with bright outlandish costumes and otherworldly powers. So an espionage-based character who mostly wears black is just not my cup of tea. But Hasbro has this ability to release MCU Black Widow figures at times when I am craving a new purchase. It was mid-February when I picked up my last Marvel Legends lady (Stepford Cuckoos). It's funny to think that two short months is what I consider a dry spell these days - it's truly a great era to be a collector. The presence of this Crimson Dynamo wave in the stores right now has two possible outcomes: They could be shelfwarmers for months with no movie (or standard shopping crowds) to support it. Or it could disappear like most waves eventually do and be in super high demand come November when the postponed movie will be released. It will be a fun merchandising experiment to observe. Let's check out Black Widow below!

The gold, red, and gray details on her outfit really add a nice look to the overall figure and help distinguish her from previous figures in the line. I hope the gold wrist armaments are actually little missiles that get used in the movie.

I keep hearing fans proclaim that this is the best Scarlett Johansson likeness ever. While this sculpt looks really good, I personally think all the previous MCU Widows are a better resemblance. There's something about the eyes and eyebrows that looks different.

Black Widow comes with an extra pair of hands, a pair of handguns (that fit in her holsters), and two batons (that fit in her backpack).

Black Widow comes with the Left Leg Build-a-figure piece for Crimson Dynamo.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Black Widow with her wave-mate, Yelena.

Here are all my MCU Black Widows together. From Left to Right: Winter Soldier (Long Hair), Infinity War, Black Widow Movie, Endgame, and Winter Soldier (Short Hair).



  1. I really love these tiny handguns that come with this Widow and Yelena Belova because I think the Marvel Legends figures have been lacking handguns that scale well to the female figures.

    1. excellent point. I feel like the weapons with recent Legends females have all been oversized. Even the in-scale rifles are rarely able to be held in a shooting position.