Thursday, May 28, 2020

DC Club Infinite Earths - ICE!

DC Universe Signature Collection - Ice - Mattycollector Exclusive - Mattel 2014

I think I avoided reviewing this figure for so long because I was so disappointed at the end of the DC Universe Classic line. This final wave was technically part of the subscription-only Signature Series as they were trying to squeeze out a final few fan-demanded characters. I've had Ice sitting unopened on the shelf under my coffee table for six years. I would pull her out like I was going to finally open and photograph her, only to sigh and tuck her away again.. like a time capsule of a time when I had awesome subscription toys coming every month. But I finally followed through a few weeks ago and now I'm excited to set up a Fire and Ice shelf. While this figure has a number of flaws, I still find her utterly charming. Her face, hair, and neck seem oddly contorted and her ab crunch joint is very distracting, but her arms look good (not the spindly appendages most DCUC females got), her colors are vivid, and it's just a really fun toy overall. Unfortunately, I think the days of C-listers is over. Let's check out Ice below!

Ice comes with a translucent ice-blast accessory.

There is a hand-hole in the ice accessory for her slide her right hand into like an oven mitt. Unfortunately the fit is weird and it doesn't stay on unless the accessory is pointed straight up.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Ice with her constant companion, Fire.

Here are all my Fires and Ices together. I never reviewed any of the smaller figures, but I did post on the DC Direct Fire and Ice last year.


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