Saturday, May 30, 2020


3rd Party Transformers - MGT-01 Delicate Warrior (Arcee Homage) - iGear 2010

A few years ago when I decided to dive deep into collecting 3rd Party Transformers figures (and specifically to get every homage to Arcee), I read everywhere that iGear's Delicate Warrior was the one to get. Unfortunately by the time I was interested, she had been sold out for eight years. And honestly, when I saw pics of her, I thought she was just okay-looking. But then last month I finally purchased her for myself, and now I totally get the hype. She looks really great in person and she's just fractionally larger than a modern deluxe-scale fembot. But I really start to appreciate her when I realize her historical context. Delicate Warrior was released in 2010, a full four years before the Generations Arcee. At the time, the best official Arcee was the highly-stylized figure from Transformers Animated. And the previous 3rd Party attempts were several steps less advanced. So for four years, this figure held the crown as the best G1 Arcee out there, and that's an impressive feat. Let's check out Delicate Warrior below!

Delicate Warrior comes with two handguns and a figure stand (I don't have the figure stand).

This figure has light piping connecting her Leia-buns to her eyes. It's a very narrow passage and it doesn't light-up that noticably, but I always appreciate this gimmick.

I've been hunting this figure for a while and a lot of versions that get posted on eBay mention that they broke during transformation. I'm thinking that the "delicate" in her name is pretty appropriate, and with my track record i'm not going to risk it. I found these pics on a Japanese forum.

There were two color variations of Delicate Warrior released: MGT-01G (Green) and MGT-01B (Blue). I found this pic on the TFormers forums because it's hard to find official pics of those two.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is a grouping of similarly-scaled Arcees. 
From Left to Right: Motobot RC, Generations Arcee, Delicate Warrior, MMC Azalea, and Animated Arcee.


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