Monday, June 29, 2020

Power Rangers - RANGER SLAYER!

Power Rangers Lightning Collection - MMPR Ranger Slayer - Hasbro 2020

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think one of the modern appeals of the Power Rangers franchise is the inherent cheesiness of it. The color-coded heroes with matching design themes and transformations sequences are cool. But I think we all have to admit that it's in an nostalgic/ironic way. That's why I have always found the Ranger Slayer so fascinating. She looks legitimately cool, yet instantly recognizable as part of the (cheesy) MMPR world. I first noticed her at my local comic shop on the cover of Go Go Power Rangers #8, a little two years ago. She was standing there with her tattered cape on a stark white background, looking imposing and intriguing. I never actually picked up any of the comics, but I suddenly found myself flipping through issues in the years since looking for her. I learned that she was Kimberly, who was brainwashed by Lord Drakkon (aka evil Tommy) to become the evil Ranger Slayer. She eventually broke the spell but thankfully kept the costume. Let's check out Ranger slayer below!

I started with the "suited-up" pic above because I think she looks so great. 
Her cape comes off which gives a better look at her underlying articulation and deco.

Ranger Slayer comes with her amazing tattered cape, Kimberly's signature bow (but evil-ized), a pink energy arrow, a triple-arrow piece, a blaster (which fits in her holster but I was unable to get her to hold), and two alternate hands. As much as I love this Lightning Collection line so far, I have not been successful at swapping the hands of any female figures yet. I feel like the posts are going to break off in the forearms as I try to pull them out. Luckily so far I have always preferred the hands that came attached so far.

This image below is the cover of Power Rangers Ranger Slayer #1 (due out next week!). Yes, she is popular enough to warrant her own series. I'm very excited.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Ranger Slayer Kimberly next to her traditional MMPR version.

And with MMPR Yellow showing all three Lightning Collection ladies so far.

And here are a few recent Hasbro figures to show scale between the current lines. From Left to Right: Power Ranger Lightning Collection, Ghostbusters Plasma Collection, G.I.Joe Classified Series, and Marvel Legends.


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