Wednesday, August 5, 2020

GamerVerse Basic Series - MS. MARVEL!

Marvel Avengers GamerVerse: Basic Series 01 - Ms. Marvel - Hasbro 2020

Basic figures have come a long, long way in the last few years. The character selection used to be dismal.. thirty different color Tony Starks clogging the aisles for years still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But along with the constantly raising bar in super hero films, the basic series action figures riding those box office coattails have also experienced massive improvements. These days, they have decent articulation, sculpt, and actually included female characters. I believe this new Avengers GamerVerse line is the first time Marvel has had basic figures not based on a theatrical film. From what I understand, "GamerVerse" is the fictional universe in which all modern Marvel video games take place. The Ms. Marvel design is specifically from the upcoming Marvel's Avengers game due out this Fall, but the GamerVerse umbrella could include characters from any game. And based on the high quality of this figure, I hope there are many more coming. Let's check out Kamala Khan below!

Ms. Marvel's articulation is great (especially considering she's a lower-priced basic figure. She has a ball-jointed neck, hinge-and-swivel shoulders, hinge-and-swivel elbows, hinge-and-swivel hips, and hinge-and-swivel knees. There is no wrist, ankle, or waist articulation (that seam at her waist doesn't budge).

Kamala's only accessory is her enlarged power arm. Unlike the Marvel Legends arm that replaces her whole forearm, this one snaps over her arm.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Kamala with her 2016 Marvel Legends figure. It's amazing that they share the same headsculpt and are the same scale. I also appreciate that the costumes have enough variation to look unique next to each other.

Here are my MCU Basic Series ladies. From Left to Right: Captain Marvel, Shuri, Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Gamora, and Captain Marvel (Binary). (I forgot Rescue).

And with some DC Movie Ladies: Darla, Wonder Woman, and Mera.



  1. Cool figure. I was gonna say, didn't we just get her, but I guess 2016 was a bit ago. Anyway - a great addition to the collection.

    1. Her 2016 Marvel Legends also just got re-released (with new boots) in the 2020 Gamerverse Legends (Abomination Build-a-Figure) line. I didn't buy it because it wasn't different enough from the original. It's amusing that this basic figure is so much more appealing than a Legends figure currently on the shelf.