Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Marvel Legends - GWEN STACY!

Marvel Legends - Spider-Man Vintage Wave - Gwen Stacy - Hasbro 2020

Gwen Stacy has had the best resurrection in the last few years. Literally. As one of original characters to get fridged (look up Women in Refrigerators if you're unaware), Gwen had to be brought back from literary death to appear in modern comics. And this time she wasn't being wasted. Granted, she was brought back in an alternate reality where she was the one bitten by the radioactive spider to become the fan favorite Spider-Gwen. Then she inspired a month of Gwen-Stacy-themed variant covers in the Summer of 2015 which spawned another fan-favorite-alternate-reality character, Gwenpool. I love both of these character, so by default, I now love the classic 1960-70's Gwen. This figure was a long time coming and she is practically perfect. The added bonus of a classic Mary Jane head is just icing on the cake. The Marvel Legends Vintage series is one of my favorite sub-lines. I really dig a good retro vibe with my toys so these are a natural draw for me. Let's check out Gwen Stacy (and Mary Jane!) below!

Gwen comes with a blue folder, a red Midtown High book, and a rolled-up Daily Bugle.

But the most impressive accessory is the Mary Jane alternate head.

I would be remiss if i didn't mention the fantastic Peter Parker figure also included in this wave.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Mary Jane with her 2017 TRU Exclusive figure.

And here is Gwen with the Unmasked head of the 2016 Spider-Gwen figure.



  1. Purchased her today. Will have to find another to have both ladies.

  2. Awesome review. I love this figure, especially the Mary Jane head. I do wonder why the boots are painted higher on the right side in just about every one I've seen, including my own. Bugs me a bit. I keep trying to pose it so the boots look even.

    1. Oh lordy.... I won't be able to unsee that now haha