Friday, August 28, 2020

Deadpool 2 - DOMINO!

Marvel Legends - Deadpool 2 - Domino (Beatrice Thurman) - Hasbro 2020

The New Mutants and X-Force were the only Marvel books I really liked as a kid so I'm always very obsessive and protective of all these characters. When it was announced that Domino was going to be a character in Deadpool 2, I was giddy. This pairing was perfect to me considering that Domino and Deadpool were first introduced in the same issue of New Mutants #98. But when the trailer came out I legit didn't even recognize her (I thought she was Callisto). In my narrow mind, one of Domino's key traits was unearthly white skin, black hair, black eyepaint (you know, like a domino), and crazy gymnastic skills. But this MCU Domino was all earthtones and uzis. It wasn't the worst cinematic interpretation ever, but I definitely walked into the theatre with low expectations. But all it took was two short hours to win me over. Zazie Beetz's portrayal was great. It was fun, snarky, and cool. Plus it finally explained her powers in an understandable way. And now years later she gets a perfect action figure!

Domino comes with two bayonet-uzis, a small handgun (that fits snugly in her holster, and an alternate pair of gripping hands.

Domino also comes with an alternate head with a slight smirk and goggles on her forehead.

Domino's hair is actually translucent. It remind me of rootbeer barrel candies.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

It seems like only a few short years ago I was complaining about the lack of WOC in MCU. Check out this group now. They are all amazing. From Left to Right: Dora Milaje (A), Okoye, Nakia, MJ, Claire Temple, Domino, Shuri, Dora Milaje (B), Ayo, Valkyrie (Ragnarok), and Valkyrie (Endgame).

And here she is with the 2018 Comic Domino. (This figure needs a major redo, I always thought she was lackluster). 



  1. Zazie's character was well written and she played the role awesomely. Nice lineup of WOC. Great to see.

    1. Thanks! That MCU WOC pic is one of my favorite group shots this year.

    2. Domino's not in the MCU though (not yet, at least) the Deadpool film was released before Disney bought Fox