Friday, November 6, 2020

Marvel Legends - GHOST-SPIDER!

Marvel Legends: Spider-Man VenomPool Wave - Ghost-Spider - Hasbro 2020

Some figures are just notoriously difficult to photograph. This Ghost-Spider figure is a prime example. Her deep hood and dark bodysuit cast shadows and obscure her (limited) features. I took more than 80 photos to get this handful of good ones. But despite those hassles, she is a gorgeous figure. The dark colors with the stark white and the pops of bright pink and blue are very dynamic in person. I only wish Marvel and Hasbro would embrace the name Gwenom. This figure is labelled as Ghost-Spider, which is now the name of Spider-Gwen (a name oddly stolen from the Ghost Rider Spider). So this figure is technically Venomized Ghost-Spider, but everyone refers to her colloquially as Gwenom. So if VenomPool is an acceptable name, I argue that everyone can get on board with Gwenom. Now, as cool as this figure is, I concede I definitely would have preferred another symbiote. Agony, Mayhem, Mania are all deserving of figures (and my Scream is lonely!) Let's check out Ghost-Spider below!

Gwenom's tongue is long and flexible. I wish some of the teeth near the tip were painted white, but's it's a pretty cool feature overall.  Her hood is permanently glued to her head (unlike almost every loose-hooded Spider-Gwen variation we've seen so far).

Ghost-Spider comes with the Torso and back scabbards for VenomPool Build-a-Figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Gwenom with the 2016 Spider-Gwen figure.

And here are all my current Gwenoms: Funko Pop, Marvel Legends, Titan Hero Series, and Domez.


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