Saturday, November 21, 2020

Marvel Toybox - GHOST-SPIDER!

Toybox - Marvel Action Figures #24 Ghost-Spider - Disney Store Exc - 2020

I must admit that Disney's Toybox line has really been impressing me lately. When they first started rolling out back in 2017, I had pretty low expectations for character selection and overall quality. My first purchase was a Star Wars Rey who, at the time, was an overproduced character with chunky articulation and an odd face sculpt. I still loved the figure and I was still intrigued by the line, but I couldn't say I was necessarily excited. However, the next three years would see a steady (but slow) flow of new characters across a handful of licenses (Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and NBX). And the quality has steadily improved. The face sculpts alone are getting better and better - at least for Marvel and Star Wars (the recent Bo Peep looked creepy imo). Spider-Gwen aka Ghost-Spider was a character I knew would eventually come to the line, and she does not disappoint. She has a great sculpt and her sturdy build and articulation create undeniable sense of playability. Let's check out Ghost-Spider below!

The only design change I would make is for her hood to hang a little lower so her neck is less exposed.
She has a bizarre "floating hood" look from certain angles.

Ghost-Spider comes with an unmasked Gwen head and a small "crumpled hood" to wear around her neck.

She also comes with a large webbed action accessory. 
The back of the web has a big suction cup, and the post on the side pulls out with a retractable string.

I appreciate that they went with an Into the Spider-Verse design for this figure. Most Toybox figures rely on old Disney Infinity designs, but I was never a fan of Gwen in that style.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the Marvel Toybox ladies so far: Captain Marvel, Wasp, Ghost-Spider, and Black Widow.

And here she is with her Marvel Legends and Marvel Select versions.


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