Saturday, January 16, 2021

35th Anniversary Power-Con - SHE-RA!

Masters of the Universe Origins - She-Ra - Power-Con Exclusive - Mattel 2020

I have always struggled with vintage She-Ra toys. The classic cartoon was amazing to me. Having a whole cast of dynamic and strong females was groundbreaking. And the fact that this gender-bridging show gave me "permission" to peruse the pink aisles at the toy stores was an amazing gift. I loved looking at all the colorful pink packaging and all the glorious pastel characters robed in glittery metallics. But my fascination ended there. The toys only peripherally resembled their cartoon counterparts, and I always had an aversion to soft goods on toys. It wasn't because I avoided "doll" attributes, but rather that I thought the production looked messy and distracted from the illusion of action figure play. But as an adult collector, I regret having this major piece of cartoon nostalgia absent from my collection. That's why I was really excited to get this Power-Con exclusive She-Ra. I still stink the soft goods are a total mess, but I can handle it in small doses these days. Let's check out She-Ra below!

She-Ra's cardback is a trifold piece of cardboard. It folds out to this great vintage style art poster with a comic on the reverse side.

The shipper box is also covered with great artwork.

She-Ra's accessories include her red cape, her sheer shirt, her belt, her tiara, her sword, her shield, and her comb-axe. The axe is the only accessory exclusive to the Power-Con version.

Here is She-Ra stripped of her accessories.

She-Ra's head is main difference between the PowerCon exclusive and regular release. Beyond the rooted hair, her head is soft rubber and her face deco looks like a vintage Barbie doll.

Here is an image of the vintage She-Ra toy. 
I got this from a photo aggregator site, but I believe it originated from

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the Power-Con She-Ra with with the standard Origins release. Beyond the head and hair differences, there is also a slight difference with the yellow/gold of her boots, gauntlets, and accessories - the Power-Con version is slightly darker. Also the hologram portions of the Power-Con version seem to have a more gold hue that the silver look of the store version. But both of these differences could be unintentional production variations as they are very similar.

Here is She-Ra with the other Origins ladies so far: Teela and Evil-Lyn.


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