Monday, January 11, 2021

Toy Biz - SHE-HULK!

Marvel Comics: The Incredible Hulk - She-Hulk (Gamma Crossbow) - Toy Biz 1996

I've been sick for a week but today the announcement of a new Marvel Legends She-Hulk figure thankfully brought me out of my funk a bit. I adored the Gray Hulk version of Jennifer Walters we got last year, and I eventually read and really enjoyed that comic (the 2017 Hulk series), but I'll admit, despite my admiration for gray Jennifer, I always had my fingers crossed for a classic green repaint of that mold. And today was that long-awaited day. So in honor of my happy green day, I decided to post a flashback review to the first She-Hulk figure from the 1996 Toy Biz Hulk line. It's actually surprising it took 5 years into the Toy Biz Marvel lines to finally get us this green goddess. She seems way more popular that most of the B-and-C-listers that came before her. It's probably because she required an original mold. And it's quite a unique mold too, at over 6", she towers over almost every other Toy Biz figure, especially the females. She's not perfect, but still a really fun toy to have. Let's check her out below!

These cards are huge. This she-Hulk is the largest old Toybiz figure I've ever seen at a little over 6" tall.
I already recycled the packaging, but it looks like the cardback is about 13" tall.

There are always lots of flaws with 1990's figures. The most noticeable one with this figure is the color mis-matching. The green of her head and torso is completely different from her arms and legs. And the pale pink lip color just seems like an awkward, and poorly-applied color choice.

She-Hulk comes with a comically huge Gamma Cross Bow.
The projectile pack-in trend was something I never understood, even as a kid.

The articulation is predictably clunky and pointless.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

From Left to Right:  2007 Marvel Legends (Blob), 1996 Toy Biz, and 2017 Marvel Legends (A-Force).

Here she is with the 1997 Marvel Girl figure, just to show how massive this figure was at the time.



  1. She was always a fun character. I read her comics for a short while. Good post.

  2. LOVE She-Hulk. That Sensational She-Hulk w/John Byrne was fun, & I liked the 2014-15 Marvel NOW She-Hulk. Also LOVED when she joined Ant-Man, Miss Thing & Medusa in FF, earlier in 2012! Greatness!

  3. Wow! That is big for a Toybiz figure. Awesome.