Saturday, March 6, 2021

Batman Earth 11 - THE DROWNED!

DC Multiverse - Dark Nights: Metal - Batman Earth 11 - McFarlane Toys 2021

Bryce Wayne is the "Batman" of the gender-flipped Earth 11. Her lover, Sylvester Kyle, was killed by rogue metahumans and she went on a violent revenge spree to kill every metahuman. She was blinded by vengeance and achieved her goal in 18 months. But then the Atlanteans returned from exile to propose a treaty with Batwoman. Bryce saw them as another metahuman menace and murdered Aquawoman (with her own trident). The Atlanteans retaliated by flooding Gotham. Bryce was unhindered and began manipulating/enhancing her own DNA with Atlantean - becoming The Drowned. In this form, she could breathe underwater, and also gained a type of hydrokinesis which allowed her to turn her enemies into ravenous beasts under her command. The whole Dark Nights: Metal storyline is filled with dark, twisted versions of DC characters - which is the natural aesthetic for McFarlane Toys. I knew from that first comic that we would get this toy. Let's check out The Drowned below!

The design of this character is interesting. It's like a sexy pirate halloween costume with some steampunk accessories and zombie makeup (plus a seaweed waistcoat to solidify the aquatic theme). I'm honestly not a huge fan. Or maybe underwater corsets and knee-high boots are a new thing.

One thing I noticed right away about this figure is that her legs are noticeably different lengths. 
You have to pose her Right foot pointed out to get a level standing posture.

I am not a huge fan of the face on this figure. It just looks proportionally off to me. I may get inspired to do some minor resculpting eventually, but in the meantime I tried a quick paint touch-up. My modified version is on the Right (and every picture hereafter in this post). I'm not 100% happy with my efforts, but I think it's a minor improvement. I painted the straps on her eyepiece, I centered her eye and gave it more shadow, I tried to even out the lines of her lips, and I added a light gray wash on her skin directly below her mask. Overall it makes her face look less long and drawn-out.

The Drowned comes with AquaWoman's trident.

She also comes with a collector's card and a figure stand.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Bryce with the McFarlane Rebirth Batgirl and Last Knight on Earth Wonder Woman.


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