Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Last Knight on Earth - WONDER WOMAN!

DC Multiverse - Bane BaF Wave - Wonder Woman - McFarlane Toys 2021

When the McFarlane DC Multiverse line started, I predicted that the figure decos would focus on modern gritty interpretations of the characters. Aka the most McFarlane-esque versions of classic legacy characters. I'm a sucker for retro styles and simple costumes so I figured I would be skipping most offerings. My assumptions were for the most part correct, but my willpower didn't hold up like I expected. This Wonder Woman figure is really stunning. She has my favorite headsculpt of any DC McFarlane figure so far. She is from the Batman: Last Knight on Earth storyline (2019-2020) where young Bruce Wayne was convicted of murdering his parents in crime alley and all subsequent events in the DC Universe are altered. In the resulting post-apocalyptic Earth, all the Amazons had been slaughtered and Diana is leading the New Amazons, a group of survivors including Poison Ivy, Wonder Girl, Vixen, and Supergirl. Wonder Woman's look is very Mad Max and I love it. Let's check her out below!

There is a segmented portion of her abdomen, between her ribcage and the blue strap at her waist. It seems like this piece is ball-jointed at both ends. However, mine is completely stuck and posed at a cocked angle. Although that angle does give her a subtle look of attitude that I don't mind.

I've seen pictures of this figure that have a really heavy dark wash on her jawline. Mine is perfect. It's subtle. Makes her look properly contoured and a little road-worn, but not sporting a five-o-clock shadow like some I have seen.

Wonder Woman comes with a sword that is made of quite possibly the weakest, bendiest plastic I've ever seen a sword cast in. Try to find one as straight as possible in the packaging.

Wonder Woman also comes with a figure stand and a trading card.

Wonder Woman comes with the Arms for the Build-a-Figure Bane figure. Note that the hands with another character.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three McFarlane Wonder Women so far: 
1984 Standard Version, Golden Eagle Armor, and Last Knight on Earth.


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  1. Definitely interested in her- I'd pick her up if I saw her on the pegs