Thursday, March 4, 2021


WWE Beast Mode Blind Box Series 1 - Becky Lynch as Phoenix - Mattel 2020

I'm such a sucker for 2.5" action figures. They remind me of all the classic tiny action figures of my youth: M.A.S.K., Dino-Riders, Sky Commanders, Legions of Power, etc. But if you think female characters in traditional-scale lines are rare, these 1:28 scale figures are a verified sausage fest. If it weren't for the recent Star Wars Mission Fleet figures, this Becky Lynch would have been the first female in this scale since the Power Rangers movie three years ago. This new WWE Beast Mode blind box line was a total surprise to me when I found them in Walmart last week. I saw the image of Becky on the box and immediately started googling for cheat codes. Luckily they were easy to find and I came home with a couple. The feature of transforming into Beast Modes is really fun. I don't know enough about wrestling to know if there is some connection between wrestlers and a mythical beast theme, but it sure makes for an inspired toy line. And I'm especially glad Becky's beast is a Phoenix. Let's check her out below!

The packaging for these figures is quite an unboxing experience. First, there is a perforated line circling the box with a chain printed on it. You "break the chain" and remove the top of the cardboard outer shell. Inside is a crate made of a crisp composable material. It crunches when you squeeze it. Inside this create is the figure and a paper insert.

This figure is only 2.25" tall. So these photos are several times real size.

Becky is articulated at the arms and waist. She is very likely articulated at the neck, too, but her hair keeps her head completely stationary. The arms and waist are attached by straight pegs and can be popped apart easily.

This figure would be cool enough on its own, but as bonus she comes with 
this amazing translucent orange shell of her as "Straight-Fire Phoenix."

If you want Becky specifically, she has the code 1590OBC printed on the box. 
I watched a YouTube video where an unboxer shared all the codes.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Becky and her Straight-Fire Phoenix form next to each other.

And here she is with a group of small figures for comparison. From Left to Right: MiniVerse Scarlet Witch, M.A.S.K. Vanessa Warfield, Mission Fleet Ahsoka Tano, Mighty Minis Wonder Woman, WWE Beast Mode Becky Lynch, Transformers Mikaela Barnes, Imaginext Ellie Sattler, Battle Force 5 Agura Ibaden, and a Lego Poison Ivy.



  1. I thought the Phoenix form would be a bit goofy but I like it. Good review.

  2. Hah. Couldn't care less about wrestling or their figures, but I so want that Phoenix shell.
    X D
    Looks about the size of the Star Wars Fleet line figures.