Monday, June 14, 2021

Death Metal - WONDER WOMAN!

DC Multiverse - Dark Nights: Death Metal - Wonder Woman - McFarlane 2021

I still haven't read any of the various Metal books that seem to be dominating the DC Universe storylines lately. To me, they seen like in-canon Elseworlds stories that just don't hold a lot of appeal. However, I'm really starting to enjoy the otherworldly-designed Wonder Woman figures that these books are inspiring. I mean, ideally McFarlane Toys would be giving us different classic comics versions in a variety of characters. But for anyone who has been collecting McFarlane products over the past 30 years would know that this is the expected business practice and gritty aesthetic. Death Metal is the most recent story that just concluded in January. So the turnaround time for this figure is pretty impressive. Wonder Woman looks like a member of the Female Furies. And for all I know, she might be - considering the Darkfather/Darkseid Collect-to-Build figure. Her blue hombre hair and gold headdress is very cool. Now I just want to see Harley or Batgirl get the same treatment. Let's check out Wonder Woman below!

Wonder Woman comes with a figure stand and her Chainsaw of Truth.

She also comes with a trading card.

And the head and cape of the Darkfather Collect-to-Build figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Death Metal Wonder Woman with her Last Knight on Earth and 1984 Movie versions.


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  1. her head gear doesn't look quite as authentic when you compare it to the comic's artwork