Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Robotech - LYNN MINMEI!

Robotech: The Macross Saga - Lynn Minmei in Cheongsam - KitzConcept Ltd 2021

I have a love/hate relationship with Lynn Minmei. On one hand, she's a major character in the first season of Robotech, she brings a much needed pop culture element to an otherwise military-focused story, and she is the initial love interest for the main character, Rick Hunter. But on the other hand, I just find her totally annoying. She's a bubbly popstar and beauty pageant contestant with a rather grating presence (in my humble opinion). Her songs are... unique. And they become the soundtrack for so many episodes. Her fashion choices are also very specific. Her vintage toy in a yellow and teal polka-dot outfit was the only figure from the line I never tried to get. But before her character wins Miss Macross and becomes famous, she worked at a Chinese restaurant called Nyan-Nyan and wore this traditional cheongsam. I love this outfit because it lets me include Lynn Minmei in my collection without hurting my eyes. Plus it compliments the streamlined uniforms of the other characters. Let's check her out below!

As a general note, she is sometimes named Lynn Minmei and sometimes Linn Minmay (and every combination of the two).

Here is everything that Lynn Minmei comes with: Six different face plates, Six sets of hands, a serving tray, a bowl of food, two very tiny chopsticks (in the plastic bag on the bottom left), Two sets of hair, and a figure stand with a post that fits in her back.

The long flowing hair is intended to go with first version of Lynn from the line (the yellow and teal polka-dot outfit). Having this new hair (with a new updated internal peg system) acts like a conversion kit and let's anyone who owns the first figure use these new six faceplates. The faces aren't backwards-compatible without this hair to hold it all in place.

Lynn is so popular that children throughout the series play with dolls in her likeness.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Lynn with her 2018 Toynami figure.

And here she is with the KitzConcept Lisa Hayes.


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