Saturday, July 10, 2021

MOTU Revelation - EVIL-LYN!

Masterverse Series 1 - Masters of the Universe Revelation - Evil-Lyn - Mattel 2021

In the past couple days my anticipation for the Masters of the Universe: Revelation has skyrocketed. Trailers never do much for me. I generally find them very misleading so I don't pay them much mind. But on Wednesday I bought the first issue of the Revelation comic which serves as a prequel to the cartoon. The issue was so chock full of MOTU Easter eggs that it made me giddy. It touched on the origins of Castle Grayskull, the origins of the Power Sword, and the origins of the transformative properties of the sword among other nerdy tidbits. Plus it incorporated 200x characters and teased backstory on vintage characters that I previously knew nothing about. Then out of the blue that night I learned that my local Walmart had the figures in stock. I was there as the doors opened at 7am and was ecstatic to get my hands on Evil-Lyn. She looks amazing. From looking at the trailer, I'm guessing she is actually a good guy in this series - I imagine she'll be like Emma Frost in the X-Men. Either way I'm excited.

Evil-Lyn comes with an alternate unhelmeted head, three sets of hands, a satchel bag, and her iconic magic staff at two lengths.

When switching heads, be careful of the neck peg. It seems that the post wants to sink down into the torso. Some of the first released photos of this figure made her look like she had no neck. I think this is why.

Evil-Lyn boasts 30 points of articulation: A ball-jointed head; hinge-and-swivel shoulders, wrists, and hips; bicep, thigh, and boot swivels; rocker ankles; ball-jointed ribcage cut; swivel waist; and double-joints knees and elbows.

Evil-Lyn has a loop on the back of her waistcoat that I assume is to hold her staff.

I love this image. I guess time will tell if it's just a short flashback sequence or not, but I hope it is notable enough to warrant action figures. I love the classic design.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are a handful of my Evil-Lyns together. From Left to Right: 2010 MOTUC Evil-Lyn, MOTUC 2016 Filmation Evil-Lyn, 2021 Masterverse Evil-Lyn, MOTUC 2011 Battleground Evil-Lyn, and 2003 200x Evil-Lyn.

Here is Evil-Lyn with the Masterverse Moss Man.

And just for scale comparison, here she is with DC Essentials Catwoman and Marvel Legends Rogue.



  1. It's a great update on her classic look. I didn't realize she is smaller in scale compared to the MOTUC figures. Awesome review, it has me looking even more forward to getting my hands on the figure. I've been a bit a bit obsessed with Evil Lyn since childhood, particularly because her original figure was my white whale. It was the only Masters figure I never had as a kid. Never saw her in stores.

  2. I don't know if you get notified on old posts, but I ordered the Maxbird Custom Cape for this figure, and I do love it. The cape adds a certain level of drama and gravitas to this figure.