Sunday, July 11, 2021

Transformers - SKYWARP!

Transformers Cyberverse Adventures - Seekers 4 Pack - Target Exc Hasbro 2020

Female Decepticons are severely lacking in my toy collection. So when Hasbro decides to do a gender swap and a generic redeco of a male toy to create another character, I disregard my scruples and jump on board. Skywarp is one of the classic Seekers from the original G1 cartoon. The character has always been represented as male until a recent Transformers: Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures episode. Although Skywarp now has a distinctive female appearance in the cartoon, she suffered the same fate as Slipstream and got a toy that is a simple repaint of Starscream. Unfortunately, this specific Starscream mold doesn't have a particularly gender-neutral face like Slipstream was blessed with. But I still put an eBay alert out for her, because as I said above, any female Decepticon gets a pass. She came in a colorful Target-exclusive Seekers: Sinister Strikeforce four-pack with Thundercracker, Starscream, and Thrust (all identical molds). Let's check out Cyberverse Skywarp below!

The vehicle mode for this Seeker mold requires two simple steps. Basically the legs wrap around the back like she's kicking herself in the back of the head, then the wings unfold at the hinges and the cockpit lowers into place. It's a transformation I can actually achieve.

Skywarp has an action feature referred to as Nova Seeker Missile. 
The green wing-mounted guns pop up automatically when you press the cockpit on her back..

Skywarp is made out of mostly translucent parts.

This first image is technically of Nova Storm, who was a seeker from the first Cyberverse series. She is essentially identical to Skywarp with some slight color changes. In fact, I think this toy more closely represents Nova Storm.

And here is the G1 male Skywarp.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Skywarp with the Cyberverse Warrior Class Slipstream. Both are female characters made from a simple repaint of a Starscream mold.


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