Friday, December 24, 2021


Masters of the Universe Revelation (Netflix) - Eternia Minis - Mattel 2021

I love the surge of Masters of the Universe products hitting the shelves in recent years. I never thought I would see a dedicated MOTU space in the toy aisles of the big box stores, and suddenly there are five unique toy lines (Origins, MasterVerse, Eternia Minis, He-Man Animated, and Mega Construx). Plus a new Imaginext XL line coming soon. So far the only line that blends all the different iterations of He-Man has been the Eternia Minis. It started out as a continuation of the Mattycollector MOTU Minis line, but has quickly shown potential to be so much more. There has been figures from the Vintage line, Revelation, and the new Netflix CGI show, along with vehicles and playsets. I hope this line continues because I want to see so many more characters included, and I would especially love to see that old Mattycollector Snake Mountain playset finally released. These two figures mark the 5th and 6th ladies in the line, and there's at least one more on the way. Fingers crossed the momentum keeps going!

First up is the Sorceress from the Masters of the Universe Revelation cartoon on Netflix. This character design is very faithful to the original vintage look with the exception of additional orange plumage around her shoulders and upper chest.

Sorceress comes with her iconic falcon staff.

Next is Teela in her Mercenary costume as seen in the first episode of Revelation. I know we don't expect a lot of bonus features on these small unarticulated figures, but I was really hoping the green mask would be removable (it's not).

Teela and Andra only wear these masks for a short while in a single episode. I like how the masks are reminiscent of the SnakeMen faction and how they seem to function as gasmasks. Which is convenient since the first time we see Teela and Andra in the masks, they are battling Stinkor.

Mercenary Teela comes with no accessories. This is odd for two reasons: (1) her arm is obviously posed for a weapon. And (2) she spins a staff like crazy when we first see her in this mask. A simple brown stick would have been a great addition. I'm going to be on the hunt for a stand-in so she's not empty-handed forever.

There appears to be a new wave of Eternia Minis in the works for 2022 with designs from the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe CGI Netflix show.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are Sorceress and Mercenary Teela together.

And with the Evil-Lyn mini from this past Spring.


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