Sunday, May 9, 2021


Masters of the Universe Minis - Evil-Lyn & Anti-Eternia Teela - Mattel 2021

Back in 2014 I was really excited about Mattel's Masters of the Universe Minis line. There was something very fun and colorful about these small articulated figures. The only problem being that there were no female figures officially released (She-Ra found her way to eBay), and they were pretty expensive. If I remember correctly they cost 20 bucks plus shipping for a 2-pack. They were exclusive to Mattycollector and just never gained enough traction to continue beyond the first few releases. But then last year, buried in all the initial MOTU Origins news, was the announcement of these new Eternia Minis. They were priced right, they would see retail distribution, and there were multiple assortments coming right away. The first two waves were blind-boxed in in Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain containers. This third assortment is packaged on individual hang-cards, and I'm curious to see how future releases will be handled. I fully expect a Sorceress in the next year. Let's check out the minis below!

These figures each have four points of articulation: Head, shoulder, and waist swivels.

Teela comes with her Snake Staff.

Evil-Lyn comes with her signature crystal orb wand.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are Evil-Lyn and Anti-Eternia Teela together.

And there they are with the "unreleased" 2014 MOTU Minis She-Ra. I say unreleased because it was never officially offered by Mattel, but a ton hit eBay from China (without the build-a-diorama pieces).

And here is Evil-Lyn with her Super7 Reaction Figure and her Loyal Subjects Action Vinyl.


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