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ROBLOX Deluxe Mystery Pack Series 01 - Flora, Diana, Rosalia - Jazwares 2021

Whenever a toy line really establishes itself in the toy aisles, I know I'll eventually have ot make a purchase to see what all the fuss is about. I have been noticing Roblox figures from Jazwares in stores for quite a few years now, and I honestly was never super tempted. They were blocky and simple with odd facial expressions. But on the plus side, the themes always seemed fun. I swear every time I glanced at the displays I would see a different mermaid character. I managed to avoid any purchases (not counting their non-blocky Imagination Collection) until a fateful day back in October when I saw three characters lined up: a mermaid, a centaur, and a spider sorceress. The assortment just made me happy and I finally brought a few of these figures home. Plus I was excited to add the first female centaur and first mermaid of color to my collection. And after playing with these figures and swapping parts, I get the appeal. I'm open to buying more if they call to me. Let's check out these Roblox ladies below!

ROBLOX Deluxe Mystery Pack Series 01
Neverland Lagoon: Flora
Jazwares 2021

Flora comes with three accessories:
An evil-looking headdress, a crossbow festooned with flowers, and a leg for the build-a-figure: Power Simulator Hexbit.

Each character comes with a card insert and a small cardboard disk with a scratch-off code for an exclusive virtual accessory.

ROBLOX Deluxe Mystery Pack Series 01
Mermaid Life: Diana
Jazwares 2021

Diana comes with four accessories: An shark helmet, a squirrel/muskrat type critter, a takeout coffee cup, and a leg for the build-a-figure: Power Simulator Hexbit.

ROBLOX Deluxe Mystery Pack Series 01
Star Sorority: Rosalia the Spider Sorcerer
Jazwares 2021

Rosalia comes with four accessories: an alternate head spider-eyes, a scythe, a spider-body to replace her legs, and a torso for the build-a-figure: Dungeon Quest Ender.

Here are some images of the two Build-a-Figures in this series.

Power Simulator Hexbit

Dungeon Quest Ender

Time for a Group Pic!


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