Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Temple of Darkness SORCERESS!

Masters of the Universe Origins - Sorceress (Castle Grayskull) - Mattel 2021

Master of the Universe Mini-Comics were included with all the vintage toys and added a lot to the He-Man lore. As adult collectors, there is a fun trend of using character designs from these books as color variants. If you see a yellow Tri-Klops, a blue Mer-man, or a red Beast Man toy, these are vintage comic variants. As far as the ladies go, pink Teela, Eternian Goddess (green Teela), and white Sorceress all trace their roots to these mini-comics.  The interesting thing is that these were likely all the result of bad editing or cheap printing processes. They never mention the color changes in the stories, the characters just visually appear that way for a single story and usually revert to normal for their next appearance. But if toy molds need to be re-used to be profitable, I'm glad there is this obscure vintage reference to give us some meaningful variety. In the 1984 mini-comic titled Temple of Darkness, Sorceress inexplicably appeared in all white. This is my absolute favorite of all the mini-comic variations.

This Sorceress came as an exclusive in the Masters of the Universe Origins Castle Grayskull playset.

Note that my figure has the new female knees. A lot of the Castle Grayskull sets hit the market before the knees were updated, so many Temple of Darkness Sorceress figures have the old bulky knees. There's no way to tell which version you're getting from the packaging. I ordered mine from Amazon in November 2021 and got the updated version.

Sorceress' wings pop up in a very similar fashion to the vintage figure.

Sorceress comes with her signature falcon staff.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are three of my Temple of Darkness Sorceress figures: Classics, Origins, and ReAction


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  1. I like that shot of the three ToD figures at the end. I just picked up the new Origins Sorceress a few weeks ago and she seems pretty excellent. I've never owned a vintage Sorceress so it's really nice to have her in Origins.