Sunday, January 23, 2022

WWE Wrestling - SCARLETT!

WWE Series 120 - NXT First Time in the Line - Scarlett Bordeaux - Mattel 2021

When I picked up this Scarlett figure a couple months ago, it was my first standard WWE purchase in four years. Sure, I picked up a ton of the short-lived WWE Superstars line and a handful of the Masters of the WWE, but for the most part I was worn out from years of buying (gorgeous and inexpensive) figures of characters I knew hardly anything about. I made a vow to not buy any more unless they really called out to me. Then I saw this figure during the 2021 holiday season and I was super intrigued. I had never seen a WWE lady with a full-coverage unadorned bodysuit. Then her brilliantly white hair just made her pop all the more. In reality, this is a super simple figure for Mattel. There is zero deco and the buck required no new tooling, but she is still an impressive figure (that I imagine customizers will be hoarding). In a time when the female wrestling figure lineup on the shelves is dominated technicolor palettes, this stark design ends up being the true attention-grabber. Let's check her out below!

This White-Haired/Full-Bodysuit version is the regular release of Scarlett in WWE Series 120. However, there is a chase version with blonde hair and a typical micro-shorts and sports bra outfit. I much prefer the regular release. The chase version looks nearly identical to a dozen other WWE figures I own.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. It's a good thing you were able to pick this up; Scarlett was recently released by WWE, so the chances of her getting another figure are pretty slim.

    1. She just got a figure released in the elite line. I think wave 92

    2. i saw that! If I see her in person I might get her. She looks like an evil queen with claws