Friday, January 21, 2022


PJ Masks: Underwater Heroes 4-Pack - Octobella - Hasbro 2021

The properties being taken over by Hasbro aren't contained to popular collector lines like Fortnite and Power Rangers. Long-lasting preschool lines like PJ Masks have also changed production. Just Play Toys had been making these toys for years and I had acquired a small collection. But when toylines like this (that I only sporadically collect) start over, I get a bit fatigued and rarely continue buying them. But a big exception occurs when they start off with inclusion of an amazing new character. And this Octobella is a prime example of that. I love aquatic characters, and tentacled ladies are especially intriguing to me. Octobella is a villain introduced in Season 3 but not fully featured until Season 4. She is specifically an antagonist to Gekko and I'm obsessed with her design. Her unexpected inclusion makes me hopeful for a Batarina (the purple bat hero) and Orticia (the punky plant villain). Fingers crossed we'll see them. Let's check out the "squiggly giggly octopus girl" (her words, not mine) below!

Octobella has four points of articulation: Hinge-and-Swivel shoulders, Swivel head, and Hinge waist.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the figures from the Underwater Heroes 4-Pack together.

And here she is with two other PJ Masks ladies from the new Hasbro line: Owlette and Luna Girl.

And just for scale comparison of this new Hasbro line: 
here is the Hasbro Owlette on the Left and the Just Play version on the Right.


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