Sunday, November 6, 2016


PJ Masks - Owlette & Luna Girl Action Figure 2-Pack - Just Play Toys 2016

I've been noticing advertisements for the Disney Junior show PJ Masks for a while now. I've never watched the show personally, but the character designs always seemed very cool. I love superheroes. And when they are animal themed and monochromatic I pretty much can't resist them. PJ Masks is based of a series of French children's books called Les Pyjamasques about three 6-yo children who become superheroes when they don their pajamas at night. The main three heroes are Catboy (in blue), Gekko (in green), and Owlette (in red). (And their main foes are Romeo, Night Ninja, and Luna Girl). The show started in September of 2015 to popular acclaim and demands for toys were pretty much immediate. It took about a year but Just Play released action figures of all six main characters along with vehicles, playsets, and plushes. They are a great addition to the robust preschool aisles that have been booming in recent years. Let's check out Owlette and Luna Girl below!

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Cosbaby Batgirl. When I first saw the PJ Masks toys, I thought the scale and head proportions were very similar to Cosbabies, but you can see they're not.


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