Friday, April 8, 2022

Fortnite - SIONA!

Fortnite Victory Royale Series - 6" Series Deluxe - Dio & Siona - Hasbro 2022

There's something special about astronaut action figures. When I was a kid, there were certain toy archetypes that were always present: The soldier, the farmer, the fireman, the policeman, the ninja, and of course, the astronaut. And of all these, the astronaut is the only one that doesn't imply labor or violence. As a nerdy curious kid who eschewed chores and fighting, there was only one choice for me. Unfortunately there have been very few female astronaut toys over the years. That's why when I saw this Fortnite Deo and Siona 2-pack I just had to have it. These figures combine a lot of the traditional astronaut visual cues: domed helmet, white bulky body suit, and a series of tubes or harnesses wrapping around them. But then they have the Fortnite twist with bright green hair and orange costumes details. The fact that they are both Indian in origin only adds to the appeal. As infrequent as female astronauts are, women of color as astronauts are exponentially more rare. Let's check out Siona below!

Here is everything that comes in the Siona and Deo 2-pack. Siona comes with an orange collar that mounts her helmet dome, a honeycombed clear helmet dome, two green axes, a small cratered moon with a peg to hold it (not sure what this is), and a small rifle.

The next three photos show Siona and Dio with their different headgear configurations.

Here they are with no helmet or collar.
Their necks are really rounded-off where they meet the torso. It's rare to have lower neck articulation,
probably because it's distracting to look at.

Here they are with their orange collars attached.
This is my favorite look for both of them.

And finally with their helmet domes in place.
The honeycomb etching in the dome is a little too intense, in person you can barely make out their facial features.

I made a slight physical adjustment to Siona. Directly from the packaging, her arms stick out at an unnatural angle. This is due to the sculpted clothing details on her upper arm and upper torso. I took an Xacto blade and skimmed away some of the highest ridges in that area. The result (on the Right) is a much more relaxed arm position.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my 6" Fortnite Victory Series ladies so far: Skye, Lynx, Siona, Jules, and TNTina.


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