Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Fortnite - JULES!

Fortnite Victory Royale Series - 6" Series Deluxe - Jules & Ohm - Hasbro 2021

Fortnite toys continue to impress me. Despite having no connection to the actual games (or concepts even), the pure fun aesthetic of the character design has pulled me in and made me a fan for life. I enjoy thinking about the younger generations today and the toys that will fuel their adult nostalgia someday. Do I think it will be all the modern He-Man, Power Rangers, DC, and Marvel toys piggybacking off the parents' fond memories? No, I can admit that those brands likely won't be as potent as we wish they would be. But then I see the Fortnite section in the toy aisle and it falls into place. Where we had cartoons and comics to further our action figure narrative, today's kids have video games. (And the Fortnite brand seems far more toyetic than Minecraft or Roblox). The characters are fun, diverse, well made, and plentiful. I really enjoyed the 3.75" version of Jules from last year, but this 6" Amazon exclusive figure is even better. She looks tough, beautiful, and intriguing. Let's check out Jules below!

Jules comes with a ton of accessories. First is the mechanical owl, Ohm. This set comes with two Ohms: (1) A perched version with folded (yet still ball-jointed) wings whose talons can grip the backpack loop. And (2) A version permanently perched on Jules' giant wrench with huge removeable hinge-and-swivel wings. Other accessories include Jules' giant wrench (with an alternate non-Ohm wrench head), two small wrenches, a welding mask, and a few pieces for standing the figures.

FYI Ohm with the spread wings is very heavy.  I wish the long handle of the wrench was sturdier.
This next photo was taken using props to hold him up which I then edited out.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my 6" Fortnite Victory Series ladies so far: Skye, Lynx, Jules, Siona, and TNTina.

And here she is with her 3.75" Jazwares version.


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  1. Awesome - didn't realize Jules was going to be made in 6 inch scale. Very cool. I don't play the game but love all the Fortnite figures. So much creativity and fun. And brilliant abilities to repaint and reuse molds without thinking you're getting gipped.